CYA stands for CAMHS Youth Advisors, a group of over 200 young people with different experiences of accessing  mental health services in Surrey, who have a say in what goes on in services, and take part in a whole variety of projects. Our main aim is to get more users involved with the decisions within the service, because a service aimed at young people should be developed by them too.
CYA works to ensure that children and young people who use mental health services have a voice, through being involved in recruitment, staff training, service development and lots more!




Here's a few examples of some of the things CYA has done over the past few years:


-Actively involved in the development and launch of Guildford Children's and Young People's Haven.
-Taken part in local and national conferences and events, promoting mental health and service user involvement.
-Continued to bring out our quarterly magazine for young people - Our Voice.
-Presented in schools around Surrey to educate students about mental health issues and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health (RAISE).
-Continued both 'Recruit Crew', 'Acute Hospitals' and 'Our Perspective' (see the relevant pages for more details.)

-Presented and facilitated the CYA Awards; an award ceremony celebrating young people's achievements in mental health and their professionals.
-Produced a transition magazine for young people transitioning out of CAMHS.

  • Logo

    We have updated our CYA Logo!

  • CYA Groups

    CYA Groups now run once a month! Please see group pages for more details.

  • New Magazine!

    We have a new magazine in print called Our Voice Moving Forward! It is all about transitioning out of children and young people's services.

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